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Sep 4, 2014

JBL Cinema Base: 240 Watts Of Sound Under Your TV

JBL Cinema Base

Harman announces its new JBL Cinema Base sound system: 240 watts of home theater sound for almost any flat screen TV.

"Room-filling, believable sound is an essential part of the home theater viewing experience," said Michael Mauser, President, Lifestyle Division, HARMAN. "And now, JBL Cinema Base system delivers that total quality sound from a 2.2 system that adapts to your own TV remote and fits under your flatscreen so it won't clutter up your room."…

Sep 4, 2014

JBL Cinema SB350 Soundbar With Wireless Subwoofer Provides 320 Watts Of Sound


Harman announces its new JBL Cinema SB350 soundbar with powered wireless subwoofer system: 320 watts of home theater sound for any TV.

The Cinema SB350 delivers that total quality 2.1 system sound in a compact soundbar plus wireless powered subwoofer system that adapts to your own TV remote and fits your flatscreen. Room-filling, believable sound is an essential part of the home theater viewing experience," said Michael Mauser, President, Lifestyle Division, HARMAN…

Sep 4, 2014

JBL Unveils Redesigned Charge 2 Portable Speaker System

JBL Charge 2

Harman announces an innovative redesign for its already popular JBL Charge 2 Portable Speaker System.

"We redesigned our JBL Charge 2 portable speaker system from the ground up to make a perfect speaker system even better," said Michael Mauser, president, Lifestyle Division, HARMAN. "To the best-in-class audio, massive battery life and charging capability, we've added a raft of state-of-the-art enhancements, including Bluetooth Social Mode."

JBL Charge 2 is a truly portable compact stereo speaker system with room-filling sound and a battery with capacity enough to power your whole lifestyle…

May 28, 2014

JBL Introduces Clip, An Ultra-Portable Wireless Speaker

JBL Clip

Harman introduces JBL Clip, the ultra-compact portable rechargeable teleconferencing speaker with integrated carabiner.

"We found such great possibilities with ultra-compact speaker designs, that we ended up creating a full-bodied sound system with wireless conferencing that you can even use hands-free. The clue is in the name" said Michael Mauser, president, Lifestyle Division, HARMAN.

Following in the pioneering footsteps of the JBL Micro Series - and then taking things up a notch - the JBL Clip's 1.5" driver delivers a stunning balance of loudness and bass performance, with a 160 Hz to 20 kHz frequency range…

Jan 8, 2014

JBL Introduces Flip 2 Wireless Speaker

JBL Flip 2

Harman announces the arrival of the next generation of portable speaker systems. The JBL Flip 2 Wireless Portable Speaker System is a true next-generation device with innovative features including dual JBL drivers with a built-in bass port for full range sound that makes it easy and fun to carry awesome sound anywhere you go and a built-in speakerphone with SoundClear echo and noise cancellation technologies…

Jan 7, 2014

JBL Authentics L16 And L8 Speakers Offer 24-bit Sound and Wireless Streaming

JBL Authentics L16

Harman continues to command the lead in compact, wireless speaker technology with the announcement of two new JBL Authentics Series wireless speaker systems.

"No one has a better claim to authenticity in great audio reproduction," said Michael Mauser, president, Lifestyle Division, HARMAN. "The JBL Authentics Series speakers are immediately recognizable classic speakers, updated for the way we listen to music today, with the latest in wireless connectivity for Wi-Fi and handheld devices."

The JBL Authentics L16 and L8 both feature AirPlay, DLNA and Bluetooth connectivity, enabling audio to be streamed from any wireless device…

Dec 17, 2013

JBL Studio 2 Loudspeakers

JBL Studio 2

Harman celebrates JBL's 67-year history of industry leading speaker design by introducing JBL Studio 2, the new generation of loudspeakers from JBL. These new speaker models feature high-definition imaging derived directly from the JBL Professional M2 Master Reference Monitor.

"We're writing a new chapter in JBL's longstanding legacy of providing unrivaled audio reproduction," said Michael Mauser, President of HARMAN Lifestyle…

Oct 24, 2013

JBL Pulse Sound System Offers Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Streaming And LED Light Show

JBL Pulse

"JBL Pulse will change the way you enjoy music," said Michael Mauser, President of HARMAN Lifestyle. "You'll be amazed how much more immersive the listening experience can be, with a lightshow perfectly synched in brightness and color with the music."

JBL Pulse gives you music to be seen and heard combining room-filling JBL sound with an eye-catching, programmable LED light show in one portable speaker. Take your music with you wherever you go, and liven up any get-together with a Multi-LED light show…

Sep 5, 2013

JBL Introduces Spark Wireless Stereo Speaker

JBL Spark

JBL announces the marriage of functionality and fun in JBL Spark, a wireless stereo speaker system that looks like nothing else you've ever seen.

"The bright colors and megaphone shape catch your eye immediately," said Michael Mauser, President of HARMAN Lifestyle, "but it's the unmistakable JBL sound that catches your ears and won't let go."

JBL demonstrates that professionalism in audio reproduction can be fun with JBL Spark wireless stereo speakers…

Jan 4, 2013

Wireless JBL Charge Delivers Crisp, Loud Sound And Recharges Portable Devices

JBL Charge

Music fans seeking great sound and a long battery life from a portable music player will love the JBL Charge, a loud and powerful go-anywhere wireless speaker that fits easily into a backpack, beach bag or briefcase. The JBL Charge, introduced today at the 2013 International Consumer Electronics Show by parent company Harman, connects to smartphones, portable music players and tablets via Bluetooth wireless streaming. The clever JBL Charge also includes a USB port to charge a smartphone or tablet.

The JBL Charge is on display during the CES show at the HARMAN booth — Central Hall, booth number 10431 - from Jan. 8 through Jan.11…

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