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Sep 4, 2014

JBL Cinema Base: 240 Watts Of Sound Under Your TV

Harman announces its new JBL Cinema Base sound system: 240 watts of home theater sound for almost any flat screen TV.

"Room-filling, believable sound is an essential part of the home theater viewing experience," said Michael Mauser, President, Lifestyle Division, HARMAN. "And now, JBL Cinema Base system delivers that total quality sound from a 2.2 system that adapts to your own TV remote and fits under your flatscreen so it won't clutter up your room."

JBL Cinema Base

JBL Cinema Base

Designed to complement your flat-screen TV, JBL Cinema Base projects stunning big-movie sound with Dolby Digital and Harman Display Surround sound from a sleek, self-contained package. Its all-in-one tabletop form is designed to fit neatly under most TVs up to 60". JBL Cinema Base connects with a single cable to your TV using an HDMI, optical or analog connection, and streams music from smartphones or tablets wirelessly using Bluetooth.

To enhance viewing and listening pleasure, JBL Cinema Base features Harman Volume and can learn any TV remote volume control

240 watts of power drive the built-in 65 mm left- and right-channel speakers and integrated, independently adjustable dual 90 mm subwoofers. To enhance viewing and listening pleasure, JBL Cinema Base features Harman Volume, which keeps sudden volume changes from disrupting the experience - no more suddenly loud commercials - and can learn any TV remote volume control, giving you simplified control over your cinema experience. While you're watching, JBL Cinema Base's side USB port charges other devices, like your phone or tablet. To add visual appeal and fit into any room decor, the unique metallic speaker grille is both elegant and easy to clean.

Pricing And Availability

JBL Cinema Base Sound System is expected to be available starting on 17 November 2014 for an MSRP of $349.95.   

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